2019: Year of the Pig Predictions, Part 1

Chinese New Year 2019 festive card design with cute pig, zodiac symbol of 2019 year. Chinese Translation Happy New Year, wishes of good luck (on stamp). Vector illustration.

Happy November!! The year of the Pig begins February 4, 2019. It happens once every 60 years! The last time was in 1959. The following energies in the eight directions, will be felt by occupants, this year, if you are: sleeping to any of the directions described below, walking in and out of doors facing these directions, work facing these directions, your stove knobs face the direction indicated and you cook a lot, spending long periods of time sitting down facing these directions and if your home or business faces the indicated directions below.

The Southeast is being visited by the “7” energy indicating, business deals falling through at the last minute, people owing you money and not paying you back, things being taken away, sweet talking men, people stealing ideas and/or intellectual property and can also literally mean people stealing from you. It’s strong because of the sector it’s visiting. If you begin to experience any of the above consider moving your bed, using different doors or facing different directions to mitigate the negative effects.

In the North, the “4” energy visits, indicating travel, romance, publicity and recognition in business, book writing, publishing success, and creativity. If you’re sleeping to this direction, face this direction while working and/or have a front door or frequently used door that faces the South, it can be a great year to meet someone new if you’re single or get married if you’re in a relationship.

In the Northeast, the “2” energy visits, indicating, health issues with stomach, digestion, reproductive organs or mid section of the body. Also, it can indicate depression. If your home faces West (between 247.6-262.5 only), and you moved in anytime after February of 2004, you can place brass bells on the front door to weaken this energy. The permanent energy of your home and visiting annual energy are inauspicious and can cause a lot of conflict, fighting, and difficulties. Utilizing brass bells should help.

The East is visited by the “6” energy, indicating a year of working hard for your money, good for career and authority, and receiving needed support. This energy is benevolent.

The Southwest is visited by the “5” energy, indicating trouble with money, relationships and health. It’s quite strong in this direction. If you moved in after, 2004, and your home faces Southwest between 217.6-247.5 only and Northeast between 37.6-67.5 only, place brass hanging bells on the door to weaken the annual energy. This will weaken any trouble this energy may cause. If you’re utilizing this direction in the ways mentioned above and begin experiencing these issues, consider moving your bed, placing brass bells at the door, or changing directions that you face when working or sitting down.

In the Northeast  South the annual “3″ energy visits, indicating gossiping, fighting, arguments, and legal issues. If you’re utilizing this direction be mindful of your relationships with others and take caution when driving to avoid speeding/parking tickets. If your home faces 37.6-67.5 only, and you moved in after 2004, make sure to place hanging brass bells on the door knob to weaken the annual energy and the permanent trouble maker energy to help mitigate conflict, lawsuits and difficulties in 2019.

In the West, the annual “1” energy is visiting. It’s excellent for money, people that have careers in sales, shipping, finance, computer, and engineers. If you moved in after 2004, and your home faces West between 262.6-292.5, it’ll be double lucky this year for money!

In the Northwest, the annual “9” energy is visiting. It’s excellent for future money luck (investments in real estate, stock market, IRA, 401 (K), etc.), promotions in the workplace, marriage, and celebrations. If your home faces Northwest you’ll have great advancements in 2019 with money, career, and studies.

Wishing you all the best Feng in 2019 and beyond!

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