Hi Jennifer,

I want to start by thanking you for everything you have done for me (even though you have no idea who I am). I attended your presentation about 3 months ago for the Women’s Sage Group in Costa Mesa with my mom. Before then, I had always heard about Feng Shui but didn’t really know much about it. As soon as I got home, I reorganized my room and office so that I would be facing the most advantageous direction for myself.

I noted the 3 month deadline, since you suggested that’s how long one should allow for change to occur, and I was AMAZED with the changes that I saw took place during that time. I finally received the promotion that I had been waiting for out of nowhere! I also noticed major improvements in my personal relationships and was finally able to let go of negative people who were weighing me down (something that I had been trying to do for years!). I’m sure you get tons of these but I wanted to reach out to you because I am so grateful for the information that you shared with me- it really helped me improve my life and gave me the extra vibrational boost I needed.

-Deena H., Executive, Newport Beach

This review has been almost a year in the making.  Jennifer came out to my home and consulted my home.  She made some recommendations and I bought the necessary fixes.  A couple of things happened:  1) I slept better 2) The right set of circumstances came about to move me into my new job.

It’s not that just that, but I was introduced to classical feng shui.  With all the different types of feng shui that cloud the market in bookstores and the internet, one can’t help but be confused.  I’ve tried the western feng shui aspect and it really hasn’t done much for me.  However I learned about classical feng shui from her consultation and decided to look up this kind of school.  

I was relieved to learn that I didn’t have to buy hideous asian decor.  All in all, it’s been an interesting and fun experience.

-Maureen C., Executive, Corona

Good morning Jennifer! I just wanted to send you a little blurb by let you know that I finally landed a job doing exactly what I love doing!  I was given the job less than a month after you came down to do the reading. Thanks so much for coming down and giving my family and I suggestions on how to harmonize our home.  

-Yahaira  O., Executive, Placentia

I met Jennifer two years ago when I was referred to her. I lived in a very small apartment but knew that I could benefit from getting my apartment Feng Shui’ed. Jennifer switched the direction I slept, moved my desk and made other changes to my apartment. Within weeks, I started to notice more sales.
I recently moved into my girlfriend’s apartment. I finally got around to calling Jennifer to get her help. I think I waited too long to call her though. When she looked at my apartment and the way the building was set up and more, she started asking questions such as, “do you and your girl friend have aches in your body?”, “have you had lost mail?”, “are either of you having some legal difficulties?” …
With  each of her questions, I became more amazed, because everything she was asking was 100 percent the truth. Both my girlfriend and I were having aches in my body. We had not received multiple pieces of important mail in the last few months and my girlfriend was going through some legal issues. Wow, Jennifer nailed it.
Jennifer suggested that we make some changes to the apartment and we made them last night. While Jennifer says it can take a little time for the energy to shift, it has only been one day and the aches are almost completely gone from my body. She says it is only going to get stronger from here.
With all that said, I am very grateful to Jennifer. She has had a profound positive impact on my life more than once. My girlfriend and I are planning on moving within the next few months. We will utilize Jennifer’s services again and I can in good faith tell anyone who reads this testimonial that she knows what she is doing and that her work produces results.
-Andrew B., Internet Marketing Specialist, Venice