“For about 10 months, I was having a hard time sleeping at night because my thoughts were very loud. I had so much on my mind and had difficulty focusing on certain areas of work (i.e. blogging and emailing). I was beginning to get used to it when I decided to get a Feng Shui consultation. We literally flipped EVERYTHING around in my living room, office, and bedroom. Needless to say, the following Sunday, Mission Possible™ was overbooked for the first time in months. I was again able to PLOW through emails like it was nobody’s business. I got two new private clients out of “nowhere” and I was sleeping soundly at night. I also got rid of a bunch of “stuff” that wasn’t being used and I redecorated my entire bedroom. My creativity is flowing!!! I HIGHLY recommend you contact Jennifer!”

-Jenna, Owner of Mission Possible, Brentwood

“I had Jennifer out about 3 months ago and let me tell you, WOW. Really odd how she knew so much about how my business was going, relationships, and things that have happened in the past just based on my living situation! It was really amazing and informative. I made the adjustments (simple ones, thank goodness!) to my house and all is well with significant differences in my business and relationship. Opportunities are coming in now! I never thought of how our living arrangements and how we keep our house can affect our lives so much. I certainly feel the difference now. I have suggested Jennifer to quite a few friends and its fun to get together and share our experiences of having her over. There is something to this and its nice that someone like Jennifer is around to help interpret it. All the Best Energy!”

-Melissa, Owner of Doggie Driving, Venice

“Wow! I thought I was pretty well versed in things, but this whole Feng Shui thing was a totally unique experience.  My girlfriend heard about Jennifer from one of her friends and thought we should have her over to look at our place. Now, it’s not like I have horrible luck or anything like that. I do have a few health issues with my back and such. Jennifer comes over and WHAM O, the girl lays out how our house is affecting our lives. She starts to ask questions and makes statements based on what she is seeing and the girl nails my back issue!!! (I did not tell her a thing, promise you that!) Then she nails my girlfriend’s work situation i.e. jealousy and gossiping and not getting promoted when she should.

Apparently the direction our bed was facing has been causing the work issues my GF was experiencing. We had to move our bed which was simple, thank goodness. This woman is deep to say the least! I was a bit skeptical; I will have to admit, but after meeting Jenn I have a better understanding of this Feng Shui thing. Trust me I am hearing it from my GF…. “I told you so” on and on…Jenn is professional, she has an MBA, straight to the point, has a great attitude and a real genuineness to wanting to help improve your life. It’s obvious she is passionate about what she does and her knowledge proves this. I am going to have her over to evaluate my office and see what she can do for my business. Having your business or home feng shui’d by Jenn is advantageous. It can only help and further improve your luck in life. Nothing to lose in my book. Enjoy!”

-Sean M., Newport Beach

“Jennifer Bonetto is the real deal. I had Jennifer classically feng shui my home and business this past year. I didn’t understand the difference between western feng shui and classical feng shui. Jennifer patiently explained the differences and very accurately read my home and explained why I was getting no where in relationships. I did everything she suggested, although some stages I was more reluctant than others. As soon as I finished my feng shui, I, along with my roommate, got into long term, happy relationships! Since then, I have learned as much as I can about classical feng shui and have had Jennifer feng shui my business location also. I have been rewarded with a successful business, health and relationships. Jennifer believes in the truth and getting the best possible results for her clients. She will go above and beyond to help her clients and friends. She really made a positive difference in my life!”

-Eva , Owner of Bolder Fitness, Los Angeles