Bedroom Feng Shui in a Nutshell!


1. Televisions can reflect objects just like a mirror, and should not be placed directly across from a couple’s bed. Keep mirrors and televisions out of the bedroom. It can cause couples to fight and argue over petty things. Your love life will also improve if you do not have a television in your bedroom. In addition, a television emits electromagnetic energy that is disturbing to our energy. The closer and bigger the television, the worse it is.This can cause restlessness and insomnia. Computers also have the same affect on our energy fields and are best left out of the bedroom. The bedroom is for sleep and intimacy only!

2. Beams that are located over the bed and run vertical can cause couples that are sleeping together to split. They are bad for health as this is sha/killing energy, but when they ‘divide’ the bed in half, then they can divide the couple.The lower the ceiling and the closer they are, the more serious they are. A canopy bed, sheet rocking the beam or covering it up with billowing fabric, is beneficial

3. Water features should not be in the master bedroom. It is disruptive to your energy and can indicate affairs. Water is primarily used to enhance wealth in a home, but when water is improperly placed it will ignite sex scandals, affairs, incest, alcoholism, drug abuse and other undesirable results. Aquariums, wall fountains, desk fountains, or waterfalls in the bedroom are not beneficial and should be avoided.

4. If you’re newly married, it’s best to purchase a new mattress. Who wants to be sleeping in the same bed with the energy of past lovers? It’s not a good start.

5. Also, the furniture in the master bedroom should be proportional to the size of the room, and the room should be free of excess clutter. The master bedroom should have the right balance of light during the day and enough window treatments to create a peaceful sleep environment at night.

6. Make sure that you’re not sleeping on the same wall that shares a bathroom, kitchen, fireplace or heavy electronics. It can cause health issues.

4 Responses to "Bedroom Feng Shui in a Nutshell!"

  1. Leida Kapllani says:

    What about fresh cut flowers or plants in the bedroom? Yes or no?

  2. Heather Langelier says:

    You say no water in the bedroom so how about a humidifier or diffuser? I usually put lavender oil in the diffuser

  3. Heather Langelier says:

    My bedroom has a N, S, E, W walls. My number is 8 my husband is a 3 however, he doesn’t really get concerned with feng shui. Anyway my bedroom is small so the bed cannot go in a corner. The W wall has a bathroom on the other side. All other walls have nothing or are to the outside. What is the best option for me?

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