Brentwood Feng Shui

Jennifer Bonetto, is a Feng Shui Master and an MBA that has been the mastermind behind her company, Real Feng Shui SOULutions. From corporate executives and small business owners to families and beyond, Jennifer has worked with a variety of clients.  Projects range from new construction home designs and commercial projects to existing site analysis and more. Regardless of the project or client her mission is always the same, to help her clients achieve their goals with money, relationships and health.

Classical Feng Shui has survived the past 5,000 years because of its ability to alleviate human suffering and improve the quality of life. Business moguls like Donald Trump and Steve Wynn and businesses like Chase Manhattan Bank and Wells Fargo are advocates of Classical Feng Shui because of the noticeable and improved changes with money, relationships and health. This site is an expression of Jennifer’s desire to provide genuine and trustworthy information.


Se habla español.