Contrary to Popular Belief, That’s Not Feng Shui: How Un Feng Shui of You!

40-feng-shui-tips-for-a-more-functional-home-office-home-design-2740Contrary to Popular Belief What You Think Is Feng Shui, Is Not.

Location, location, location is the premise of real Classical Feng Shui. How the building and land, whether it is a home or business, are situated in the environment is the #1 determinant of how energy will support you with money, relationships and health. Direction, location and orientation are the 3 tenets of Classical Feng Shui, because this is how you examine if the energy in a home or business will be supportive, repressive or neutral. The location of a building will trump anything that is happening on the inside of a building. Of course, we take into consideration the internal layout of a building. However, the most important factor is the environment. Here are some common misconceptions of what people think Feng Shui is:

1. All the knick knacks that you’re convinced will help you clear negative energy, meet the woman/man of your dreams and make a sh*t ton of money like crystals, bamboo flutes, mandarin ducks, candles, toads with coins in them, etc. are all false. Knick knacks aren’t going to bring you any closer to your goals.

2. The staircase faces the front door, who cares? It’s not a big deal. As long as there is a minimum of 6 ft. clearance from the front door to the staircase, you’re not going to experience money loss.

3. The front door lines up to the back door. Again, this is a bunch of crap. If the home has an open floor plan, and there is a retaining wall in the backyard or some kind of fencing, you can rest assured that your fortune will not be harmed.

4. The money corner, relationship corner, fame corner, helpful people corner, etc. are all delusions of grandeur. Think of it this way, if we all had a fame corner in our homes and we put whatever knick knacks we needed to so that we could be famous, we would all be famous. Everyone would be doing it. We’re not all meant to be famous. Therefore, it doesn’t work.

5. Feng Shui décor sounds so great in theory but it doesn’t exist. Put away your money, because you might as well flush it down the toilet, especially if you’re trying to get one step closer to financial independence. There’s no such thing as using decorative art or furniture to have better energy in your home or business. It’s all about location, direction and orientation. Obviously, you’re not going to display paintings of the devil in your home, unless you’re into that sort of thing. Common sense is what we’re after.

6. Contrary to popular belief, you can put your bed in front of a window. If it’s a good personal direction for you, and in the energy chart of the building it has excellent energy, this can be highly beneficial. Make sure that you have a headboard, window treatments and curtains.You’ll know you’re sleeping to a good personal direction and that direction has good energy because you’ll sleep well. Sleeping well is the first sign that the energy is supporting you.

7. If your desk is angled at home or in the office and it’s a good direction for you and in the building, contrary to popular belief, this can be very beneficial for finances and career. If you feel vulnerable sitting with your back to a corner, place a plant behind you, and you’ll feel supported and more productive.

8. If the foot of your bed is lined up to the bedroom door, rest assured, you’re not going to die. In old China, they would drag the deceased bodies by their feet. For this reason, they didn’t want the foot of the bed lined up to the door. It was an omen. It is a superstition.

9. The address of your home or business means nothing in lieu of Feng Shui. It will not add or enhance to the energy of that building. It is just a number. The Chinese do not like the number 4 because it’s similar to death in Cantonese. It’s a superstition, sort of like Americans don’t like the number 13. You know Friday
the 13th, and being tormented by Freddy Krueger in the 80’s.

10. Lastly, you can’t Feng Shui people, cats/dogs, cars, websites, etc. Feng Shui is about the energy of a stationary space. Obviously, if the space has good supportive energy, the tenants, occupants, etc. will  benefit. However, if someone is an @$$h*le, they’re going to need more than good Feng Shui to help them. I highly recommend therapy, meditation and prayer. You’d be surprised how people’s pleasing personality comes to the forefront. 🙂

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