Feng Shui Tips to Help Achieve Your Goals in 2018






Happy New Year!

I hope this new year brings you a lot of love, prosperity, good health and amazing relationships. Jump start your new year with a few of these simple tricks. If you’re one of my existing clients and I’ve feng shui’d your home or business, please don’t make any changes because I’ve assessed it for you, and have taken more than this simple technique into consideration.

This technique is for people that I haven’t worked with or in spaces that I haven’t assessed. You need a digital compass in order to get this right. Using an iphone, ipad or any smart phone compass is preferable. Also, make sure to give this 3 months to see changes. Most people see changes immediately but, just in case give it 3 months.

First, you have to decide what your main goal for the New Year is. Once you determine if your goal is based in money (use money direction), love (use relationship direction), or health (use health direction), you’re going to use the charts in the link below to find your Gua number (based on your birth year and gender) and direction that it pertains to. You’re going to activate it, by using these simple techniques:

  • Start sleeping with your head to your money, relationship or health direction-depending on what your goal is
  • When you’re meeting with clients, if your goal is to make more money, make sure to sit facing your money direction, to ensure that you close the deal, make more money, get new clients, and resolve a difficult transaction easily
  • At work, whether in your home office or business, situate your desk to face your money, relationship or health direction
  • Start walking in and out of doors, whether in your home or office that face your money, relationship or health direction, exclusively
  • Lastly, at home set up your furniture where you spend a lot of time sitting down so that you’re facing one of your goal directions

To find your Gua number, based on your birth date, go here. Please make sure that if you’re born January 1-February 4th, you use the previous year as your year of birth because the Chinese solar calendar doesn’t begin until February 4th. If you’re born February 5-December 31st, then use the year you were born to find your Gua number. Once you find your Gua number, go here to find your +90 (sheng qi) money direction, +80 (tien yi) Health direction, +70 (yen nien) relationship direction.

Remember, that this year will be what you make of it, so make it a great year! Happy Feng Shui’ing lovers!

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