Feng Shui to Achieve Goals for 2017

best-happy-new-year-picturesHappy New Year! I hope this new year brings you a lot of money, good health and amazing relationships. Jump start your new year with a few of these simple tricks. If you’re one of my existing clients and I’ve feng shui’d your home or business, please don’t make any changes because I’ve assessed it for you, and have taken more than this simple technique into consideration.

You’ll need a digital compass in order to get this right. Using an iphone, ipad or any smart phone compass is preferable. Make sure to stand outside to take a compass reading, with your back to the front door. You want to be facing out.  Take the compass direction or your home or office door. Once you have, that you’ll know where all 8 directions are in every single room in your home or office. Also, please make sure to give this 3 months to see changes. Most people see changes immediately, but just in case, give it 3 months. Whatever your goals are: more money, better health, to get into a relationship or  stability use that direction (charts are in links below) to utilize these techniques. The charts below will help you find your direction. Here’s some simple techniques:

  • Start sleeping with your head to your money, health or relationship direction-depending on if you want to make more money, improve health or maintain good health or if you want to improve relationships, get married, start dating, meet a new lover, etc.
  • When you’re meeting with clients, friends, co-workers,  face your “goal” (money, health ore relationship) direction to ensure that you close the deal, make more money, get new clients, and resolve a difficult transaction easily, get into a relationship, start dating, make new friends, improve health, maintain existing health, etc.
  • At work, whether in your home office or business, situate your desk to face your “goal” direction
  • Lastly, start walking in and out of doors, whether in your home or office that face your “goal” direction, exclusively

To find your Gua number, based on your birth date, go here. Please make sure that if you’re born January 1-February 4th, you use the previous year as your year of birth because the Chinese solar calendar doesn’t begin until February 4th. If you’re born February 5-December 31st, then use the year you were born to find your Gua number. Once you find your Gua number, go here to find your “goal” (money, health or relationship) direction.

Remember, that this year will be what you make of it, so make it a great year! Happy Feng Shui’ing lovers!


4 Responses to "Feng Shui to Achieve Goals for 2017"

  1. Heather says:

    A few quick questions… is it good to be sitting with my back to a window? It’s the only wall I can put my work desk on (I am an 8) in my new office. If so, what can I do or should I put a mirror on the wall to reflect light to help?

    Also, for a nursery is the direction based on how they sleep head to foot direction or their headboard for a crib? TY!


    • jennifer says:

      Hi Heather! Yes, you can sit with your back to a window. For the nursery, it’s the direction of the baby’s head that matters.

  2. Heather Langelier says:

    I have a question. When getting the direction using the front door. What if I don’t use the front door to enter my home? I use the side door as the entrance. The front door does not get used at all

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