Five Feng Shui Boosters!







We’re more than halfway through the year. If the year hasn’t brought your dreams to fruition, try these Feng Shui tips to help speed up your goals:

  1. Make sure you have solid landscaping or fencing all the way around your house. If you live in an apartment, and you have a balcony, make sure that you put pots with beautiful plants all the way across to make it more solid and secure.  This will ensure that the chi/energy stays on your property, helping occupants with money, relationships, and health.
  2. Your front entrance should be pristine, clean, open, and free of any shoes or other storage items. Let the chi/energy flow right in without any obstructions. This too will encourage more money, improved relationships, and better health.
  3. Furniture placement is extremely important. Facing direction, sleeping direction, and doors that you use to walk in and out of your home all dictate the type and quality of energy that is prevalent in your home. To ensure good energy flow and increased potential of goals, use this chart to find your gua number and this chart to find your favorable direction. Placement is based on whether your goals are related to money, relationships, and health. Use the corresponding direction to place furniture. When sleeping, the direction of the bed is placed, based on the direction of your head. For example, if you’re a 9 Gua and increasing money flow is important, you would sleep with your head to the East or put the headboard on the East wall. When sitting down watching TV or working, you would place the furniture so that you’re facing that direction.
  4. Colors and mirror placement can affect energy, both good and bad. If you’re unsure if your mirror is placed well or the colors on your wall are favorable, follow these tips. Avoid painting walls red or shades of red (pink, purple, cranberry, etc.). Avoid placing large mirrors opposite the front door. Small mirror placement is less detrimental than larger mirrors. If you do have a large floor to ceiling mirrors in the bedroom, cover them up with a curtain or get new non mirrored doors, if it’s a wardrobe mirror.
  5. Lastly, take action towards your goals. It’s important to give the energy a direction to flow. If you’re sitting around waiting for your goals to come to you, you’ll be waiting a long time. You have to go out and make it happen.

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