Location, Location, Location! How Stairs Can Affect Health, Money & Relationships.







Here are some important guidelines to follow when selecting a two-story home:

  • Stairs too close to the front door may affect the “ wealth luck” of the occupants. The energy/chi needs an unobstructed entrance so it is able to collect at the front door. If there is a staircase that is too close, to the front door, it can force the flow of energy to be more chaotic. Staircases should be at least 6-10 ft. away from the door.
  • Stairs that have open risers leak out beneficial chi. It is best to have enclosed stairs so that the chi can travel uniformly and give good luck to the occupants. Again, this can affect money flow for the occupants.
  • The Chinese believe that a spiral staircase “pierces the earth from heaven,” creating a corkscrew effect. The energy/chi swirls. In these types of homes, with large spiral staircases, occupants may be more prone to disjointed thinking, anxiety, outbursts, nervousness, unease, preoccupation with things that are unimportant, etc.. The Chinese believe that if you add light at the top of the staircase to send the energy back to “heaven,” it can help remediate some of the negative effects.
  • More than one set of stairs on the same floor is considered “competing chi.” They should be on opposite sides of the house.
  • If a staircase is located in the center of the house (more than half of the staircase), this indicates back, spine and joint problems. Occupants may be more prone to scoliosis, and any health issues relating to the skeletal system. It’s best to choose homes where the staircase is located elsewhere.
  • Homes with split-levels (2-5), not a traditional two story home, indicate that the family is separated, thinking is confused and the life in general is disjointed. The staircases should be stacked in the same location of the home. Having staircases in different parts of the home can cause chaos in relationships and health.

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