Pa Chai (Eight Mansions) Chart


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  1. jennifer says:

    If you click on the chart, it’ll get bigger. Also, once you click on it, you can zoom in and out of it.

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    • barbara says:

      I can’t comprehend this chart..what is mine if you could for a birthday of 8.30.60 born 4:06pm eastern standard time. I think I am a metal rat a virgo astrologically..thank you…hope you are doing great.

  3. Annette Reali says:

    Hello Jennifer, question: my husband’s number is 9 and mine is 6. we have no directions that are both beneficial. Right now the bed faces North, a bad health direction for me, sure enough I have suffered heart issues and low thyroid since sleeping here his last year and a half, but any direction that would be good for me will be bad for my husband. What do couples in this situation do?

    • jennifer says:

      Hi Annette! There is a direction that will work for both of you. It’s based on the degree of the building. It’s an advanced method and it’s too difficult to explain over a comment. You’ll have to do trial and error by moving bed and testing for 3 months to see how it affects you and your husband. Good luck!

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