Peach Blossom Chart, Gua Chart and Eight Mansions Chart



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  1. Lynn Harland says:

    Hi Jennifer: Can you send me instructions on how to read the Eight Mansions System. Hope you don’t mind. Took a class from you but I have misplaced the instructions but I do have the chart. Many thanks, Lynn

    • jennifer says:

      Hi Lynn:
      Go on my facebook page or go through the blogs and there’s instructions on there on how to use the system. Here’s to some good feng!

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  3. Raine says:

    Hi, I feel stuck in my bedroom space. I have 3 floor to ceiling mirrors facing N and my headboard facing S, my lonely pillow direction. My room is so small this is one of the only ways to have walking space. If I face my head board east the way it should be it takes away the natural path of entrance to the room. Either way – I feel like there is not a good choice. Please advise. Zhen, yang metal dog

    • jennifer says:

      Hi Raine:

      I don’t know what your Gua number is. Cover up the mirrors when you sleep at night or leave the mirrored doors open. You can use a sheet, curtain, etc. Don’t worry about the lonely pillow direction. I don’t use that system and when I learned it and tried it. I found it to not be accurate. Just make sure you’re sleeping with your head to a good direction. Don’t worry about blocking the natural path or entrance of the room. If that bothers you, just close the door when you sleep at night. Don’t believe everything you read online. There’s a lot of misinformation. You have tons of good choices. Be optimistic and believer in yourself. I hope that helps.

  4. Leida says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am a Monkey, Gua #1. Peach Blossom chart indicated West 262 – 277 degrees but West is Wo Hai direction. Where should I be putting the Peach Blossoms?? And do plant since they are alive go in the bedroom? I have read that it’s the same as having water in the bedroom. Please advise. Thank You!

    • jennifer says:

      Hi Leida! Your peach blossom direction is where it does. So use the west. Don’t confuse other systems when using the peach blossom. Good luck!

  5. Pommy says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am wondering about Peach Blossom. I am tiger with gua#7, Do you mean to find the peach blossom to set in the given direction in the bedroom and what about the rooster (east) from the table?

    • jennifer says:

      Check the charts on the blog for placement. It goes on a table in the living room or bedroom at the exact degree indicated. Good luck!

  6. riitu says:

    hi – unable to see and use the images above they are too tiny. please help. thanks.

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