Business and Commercial  Services

Millions of people have used Feng for their homes, but few are aware of the enormous benefits Feng Shui can provide for a small business or a large to medium corporations. Real Feng Shui SOULutions is highly experienced in all types of commercial projects– helping developers with everything from urban development to golf courses. Classical Feng Shui offers some outstanding, practical applications for designing commercial spaces such as hotels, spas, casinos, high-rise living, shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals, malls, manufacturing plants, and urban development projects. Here are some areas that Feng Shui can be used for a business or commercial design project:

  • Auditing Existing Offices/Businesses
  • Designing, Remodeling or Expanding
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
  • Leasing an Office Space
  • New Construction of Commercial Buildings
  • Wealth-Producing Techniques
  • Master-Planned Communities, Urban Development, and New-Home Build Communities

Auditing Existing Office/Businesses 

Where the boss is located in the office, will affect the entire company!

Blood, sweat and tears or hard work will not guarantee a profitable and successful business—the energy of your site must be factored in to stay in the game. Numerous businessmen would not be without Feng Shui and for good reason as the majority of employee problems and money loss is due to the overall Feng Shui. When the energy is powerfully extracted, improvements in all aspects of your business can be realized—everything from client relationships to opportunities to grow and expand your venture. Fees are based on the square footage of the office and number of employees included in the assessment.

Designing, Remodeling or Expanding

We use ancient secrets for the modern business world!

Incorporating Feng Shui when planning to design your new space built-out is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. Locating the boss well will go a long way in growing the business. Enhancing the great energy and down-playing the negative, will support everyone in the company. The same principles apply if you are looking to expand, knock out some walls or just a simple remodel—all will affect the energy and finances of the business. Having the flow of energy in your newly designed or remodeled office using Feng Shui will create a robust and thriving environment for long-term success. We use the Feng Shui secrets that have made Donald Trump, Steve Wynn and the SE Asian businessman– rich, rich rich! Fees are based on the scale and scope of the project.

Interior Design

Do you want to spruce up an existing space or start over with a new space?

Architecturally space plan every square inch of a room to work both aesthetically, energetically and functionally. Modern and contemporary design attributes is what Jennifer is best known for. Working with the latest trends in materials and design, she incorporates an element of design that is timeless and without rules. Jennifer can transform any space into a design and Feng Shui mecca.  Jennifer is committed to using sustainable materials, wherever possible.  Fees are priced per project.

Project Management

Are you building or remodeling an existing space?

Jennifer specializes in delivering  your projects on time, being mindful of budgets, and utilizing the highest quality materials and tradesmen’s in the industry with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day life.

Jennifer specializes in : overall project coordination, planning with specific focus on time, cost and performance targets, organizing, scheduling and checking deliveries of materials (timber, plumbing, flooring etc.), organizing and managing the schedule of work—ensuring the right people are on site and on time, sourcing furniture, appliances, obtaining estimates, managing sub contractors, and being on site regularly to oversee and manage tradespeople to ensure timely completion. Fees are priced per project.

Leasing an Office Space

If you make a mistake buying a bad home—you can sell it, not so if you choose a bad lease space; it is nearly impossible to get out of a lease! So prior to signing your life away with a 5 or 10-year lease, incorporate Feng Shui in your search. We’ll help you select the best location, the best lay-out, and a building with the prosperity energy right at the door to grow your business. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, retailer, business consultant, or technology developer—we can find you the perfect lease space to bring your gifts and talents out in the world. Fees are priced at an hourly rate of $148 per hour, or the day rate of $1600.

New Construction for Commercial Spaces

This is the premier way of using Feng Shui and assuring success—by designing the building from the ground up! Whether you are planning the design and construction of a hotel, office building, high-rise condo, shopping center or other commercial mega structures, Feng Shui is practical as it is magical. Beginning with a great location, the structure can be set to specific degrees that are famous for bringing prosperity. Ingress and egress along with the overall infrastructure are the next most important components to a successful enterprise. We’ll even recommend the most auspicious dates to break ground—another Asian, closely guarded secret to successful building. Fees are based on the size and scope of the project—either a lump sum will be quoted or 1% of the estimated construction cost. A 25% retainer fee is required upon signing.

Annual Check Ups with Star Progression Charts

Every building has a Natal Star Chart (much like astrology) that indicates the energy potential of the structure. Every year fluctuations in energy occur for each building and an annual checkup with a Star Progression chart is recommended. This in-depth analysis will give you predictions for the year, identifying what to expect in certain months as far as health, investment opportunities, when to expand, if and when to invest in stocks and a host of other important concerns. In order to calculate a Star Progression chart, we would have already conducted an initial audit of your site. Fees are $680 for a small business and up to $1800 for larger companies depending on how many key managers are included in the analysis.

Master-Planned Communities, Urban Development, and New-Home Build Communities

Classical Feng Shui in the Home-Building Industry is the ‘Wave of the Future”

Feng Shui has arrived—again. About thirty years ago, the Chinese ‘art of placement’ was introduced to Americans. While the masses embraced it, those responsible for building our spaces weren’t so sure. It sounded a little weird and many laughed it off as a passing trend.  While that is no longer true, the quandary before Builders and Developers is where to find authentic Feng Shui services; next, how to incorporate its powerful precepts into planned and developing communities.

Americans and investing Asians are extremely drawn to Feng Shui and its indications of a harmonious and prosperous life. Long-gone are the days of new-agey Feng Shui; the public is becoming aware and hungry for authentic, classical Feng Shui. Many billionaires are huge fans, and a growing number of Builders are now open to exploring ways to offer it to buyers in home design and construction. By integrating Feng Shui into your new-home builds and designs—homes will sell faster and buyers will be assured your interest in their needs.

Feng Shui Reports

For all services, the client will receive an electronic/hard copy report with detailed and specific recommendations for your project or assessment within 48 hours of the on-site or online assessment.