Residential Services

Looking to sell your current home and buy another? Or have you decided to stay in your home and do a bit of remodeling? Do you currently invest or plan to invest in rental homes? Have you found that perfect piece of land and want to start designing you dream home? The powerful principles of Feng Shui can help you with all of this and more. Additionally, there are numerous wealth-producing techniques that can be custom-designed for your site. Here’s what we offer for residential spaces:

  • Residential Assessment
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
  • Remodeling Projects
  • Purchasing a New Home
  • Sell this House!
  • New-Home Design
  • Wealth-Producing Water Features
  • Investment Property and Vacation Homes
  • Out of Town Consulting
  • Annual Checkups with Star Progression Charts

Residential Assessment

Want better relationships, more money, win a lawsuit, find a partner, get a promotion, jumpstart a new business venture or enjoy vibrant health?

Each home’s energy is extremely unique depending on several important factors. This energy has an enormous affect on your relationships, wealth, standing in the community, career, and health. Having a comprehensive assessment of your home, we’ll help maximize the benevolent energy and minimize the negative energy. You’ll be amazed at how slight changes to your interior and exterior environment make huge differences in what you experience.

Interior Design

Do you want to spruce up an existing space or start over with a new space?

Architecturally space plan every square inch of a room to work both aesthetically, energetically and functionally. Modern and contemporary design attributes is what Jennifer is best known for. Working with the latest trends in materials and design, she incorporates an element of design that is timeless and without rules. Known for her beautiful kitchen and bathroom renovations, Jennifer can transform any space into a design and Feng Shui mecca.  Jennifer is committed to using sustainable materials, wherever possible.  Fees are priced per project.

Project Management

Are you building your dream home or remodeling an existing home?

Jennifer specializes in delivering  your projects on time, being mindful of budgets, and utilizing the highest quality materials and tradesmen’s in the industry with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day life.

Jennifer specializes in : overall project coordination, planning with specific focus on time, cost and performance targets, organizing, scheduling and checking deliveries of materials (timber, plumbing, flooring etc.), organizing and managing the schedule of work—ensuring the right people are on site and on time, sourcing furniture, appliances, obtaining estimates, managing sub contractors, and being on site regularly to oversee and manage tradespeople to ensure timely completion. Fees are priced per project.

Remodeling Projects

Watch where you place new walls, doors, fire and water!

Once you begin your demo—you’re seriously moving the energy of your home. Planning your remodel using Feng Shui will ensure that you are not upsetting the balance in your home. Every remodel has the power to affect the over-all energy of the home. Adding on rooms and digging a new swimming pool will definitely affect the balance. Don’t go in blind—use Feng Shui in your remodeling projects to bring good opportunities in life, great health, close family relationships, romance, wealth and prosperity. Fees are based on the scale of your project.

Purchasing a New Home

Don’t sign that contract until you put the home under the Feng Shui microscope!

Before making the biggest purchase of your life, consider using Feng Shui. While the markets for homes vary from city to city, by using Feng Shui you can ensure that you are selecting the best home, with the best energy. As experts, we can quickly assess if the home will support your life goals or not. If the home has unstable energy, we will make you aware of this prior to signing on the dotted line! Why take the risk at all, it’s easier on the selection end than trying to get rid of a house with bad energy years down the road. Fees are priced at an hourly rate of $180 per hour.

Sell this House

Show me the money!

Once your Realtor has decided the best price for your home, we can help with the rest. Has your home been overlooked, had contracts/deals falling through, or just not attractive to the right buyers? By implementing a few simple enhancements and countermeasures, we can increase the ‘visibility’ of your home to buyers. We’ll help move the energy to move the house! Fees start at $380.

New-Home Design

Harmonizing the energy and décor of a perfectly designed home is a heavenly marriage!

This is the definitive approach to using Feng Shui! If you are able to build your dream home, you are truly blessed; if you use Feng Shui in the design—you can have every good thing! Starting with that perfect site, the home can be design to take advantage of the most auspicious and prosperous energy that your land has to offer. Where you locate fire (kitchens, stoves, & fireplaces) and water (bathrooms, laundry rooms, & water features) will affect the wealth, harmony and health of the entire family. Designing with Feng Shui principles is a dynamic way bring the feel (energy) and look (décor) together creating a truly dynamic space. We have a great deal of experience in working with architects and interior designers on these types of exciting projects. Fees are priced from $3.80 to $6.80 per square feet or 1% of the estimated construction cost– depending on the scope and scale. A 25% retainer fee is required upon signing.

Wealth-Producing Water Features

The Ancient Chinese discovered water was the secret to wealth!

There are numerous Feng Shui wealth-producing techniques, primarily through water. If you have a bit of land around your home, Dragon Gate can design a potent set of formulas to bring the most prosperous and benevolent energy for wealth, health and great relationships. Some of these are the powerful– yet almost never heard of in America– Five Ghosts Carry Treasure, Three-Harmony Doorways, The Assistant Star Water Method, The Court Official, Water Dragons, and Sky Horse. Fees are per project; for New Home Design this service is included, with the exception of Water Dragons.

Investment Property and Vacation Homes

Every piece of real estate that you own has the power to affect your money and life!

Even though rental homes and vacation properties are not your main residence, they still affect your overall financial-health and other important areas of your life. All properties should have good Feng Shui in general, and if it’s a rental property all measures should be taken to ensure that your properties keep you solvent. Fees start at $380.

Out of Town Consultations

Nothing can replace on on-site visit to your home or business.

Real Feng Shui SOULutions will travel to your home or business outside Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego Counties. Arrangements must be booked in advance. Out-of-town consultations require a deposit. Airfare and hotel accommodations are paid for by the client, in addition to an out-of-town day rate. Fees are $1600 per day plus expenses. This does not include New Home Designs or commercial projects.

Annual Check Ups with Star Progression Charts

What is this year going to bring?

Every building has a Natal Star Chart (much like astrology) that indicates the energy potential of the structure. Every year fluctuations in energy occur for each building and an annual checkup with a Star Progression chart is recommended. This in-depth analysis will give you predictions for the year, identifying what to expect in certain months as far as health, investment opportunities, romance and a host of other important concerns. In order to calculate a Star Progression chart, we would have already conducted an initial audit of your site. Fees are $380 for homeowners and $680 for a small business.

Feng Shui Reports

For all services, the client will receive an electronic/hard copy report with detailed and specific recommendations for your project or assessment within 48 hours of the on-site or online assessment.