Setting Your Office Up For Success!


When working in your office whether it be in the home or in an actual office, to ensure success, make sure to take the following into consideration:

  1. It’s best to have your back to a solid wall. Avoid having your back to a water feature or mirrors as this could destabilize your energy and cause confusion or loss of concentration.
  2. Do not sit too close to a door as this may weaken your position in the workplace and can make you vulnerable.
  3. Avoid opposing desk position and opposing doors-this is considered confrontational in Feng Shui when doors and desks are in direct alignment. The old fashioned “partner’s desk” is not ever recommended. Partners tend to break up.
  4. Organize your office and have it as clutter free as possible especially by the door and pathways. This will help with money luck, improved clarity and work efficiency.
  5. If you are the president or CEO of the company always make sure your desk size matches the position you hold in a company. You can’t command employees with a little desk that you would give to your children.
  6. Finally, face your power position or Sheng Qi-which is your number one direction to make money, when possible. Use the charts here to find your Gua number (based on your birth year and gender) and Money direction.


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