Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to utilize the Laws of both heaven (astronomy) and earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive chi, or life force energy. The words Feng Shui literally translate from Chinese as “wind-water.” Feng Shui is the study of geography or landforms. Natural environmental features such as mountains and water (oceans, lakes and rivers) retain, conduct and circulate chi within an area. Knowing and understanding the geography of our surrounding landforms enable us to identify the type of chi present—and how we can harness positive chi to aid us in our undertakings and goal achievement, with emphasis on health, wealth and personal relationships. The goal of Feng Shui as practiced today is to utilize the energy in people’s homes and businesses so that they can achieve their goals. Homes and offices can be arranged to optimize the energy within your space, to promote balance, harmony and proper flow of energy. With proper adjustments and remedies, it may bring greater health, happiness and prosperity.

A Feng Shui audit is based on the flow of energy in and around a specific fixed structure. The audit is done by using a traditional Chinese compass (Luo pan) to determine the sitting and facing direction of the structure and the different directions that each room within the structure lays. A detailed analysis of the interior and exterior of the structure is taken into consideration. From this an energy blueprint is formulated which is laid over your structure’s floor plan.

The energy blueprint reveals:

  • All facets of a person’s life, both positive and negative
  • An individual’s ability to thrive and prosper in the various elements of their life (i.e. health, finances, marriage, relationships, etc.)
  • Remedies to cure and enhance necessary sectors of the home or business

In most cases, it is possible to tap into benevolent chi and improve all areas of wealth, health and relationships. In other more extreme and rare cases, a move may be required because the home or the office will simply not allow the occupants to flourish. We will consult you at your home or office to recommend modifications and enhancements to your current space-creating your perfect spot. Real Feng Shui SOULutions utilizes a combination of Classical Feng Shui modalities to deliver the most reliable environmental audit based on this ancient science.