Year of the Fire Monkey 2016, Part 2


The year of the fire monkey begins February 8, 2016. It happens once every 60 years. Last time, we experienced this energy was in 1956. This year, industries that will do well, include: energy, entertainment, stock market, and finance. The second best industries are transportation, communication, and shipping. Other industries that will do well are related to: property, construction, high tech, and mining.

They say that in the Monkey years, the people that are born in the following Chinese animal years, will do extremely well: Snake, Dragon and Rat. These animals are harmonious with the Monkey.

This year can be fruitful depending on what energy is being activated in your home or business. Knowledge is power. The New Year is a way for us all to have a fresh start, and leave behind that which no longer serves us, and bring in the fruits of our labor. New energy is needed to usher the old out and manifest those things that will take us to that next level of our being. Feng Shui is about enhancing the human experience which encompasses wealth, health and relationships. It’s a great way to use the new energy in your home as a catalyst to achieve your heart’s desire. The year of the fire monkey will be what you make of it, so make it a great year.

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